How to Fix Sawpits Not Working in Manor Lords


    It’s important to build certain structures like Sawpits first, and understanding how they work is equally important. If you’re having trouble, here’s our handy guide on how to fix Sawpits not working in Manor Lords.

    How to fix the Sawpit in Manor Lords

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    If you have built a Sawpit in Manor Lords and find that nothing happens, firstly, make sure you have families/workers assigned. This ensures that the citizens of your growing domain stay active and focused. You can click on a completed Sawpit to open the building submenu, where you can choose tasks for people and livestock.

    If you still find that your Sawpit is not producing boards, The problem could be that you don’t have an assigned Ox. Oxen are the main means of transporting goods and heavy resources, particularly wood.

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    Scroll to ‘Advanced’and here you can assign cattle to the sawpit. If you only have one Ox at first, you may want to wait until you get another one. Otherwise, assigning the only Ox you have to it can stop the construction of other structures that need wood.

    You can acquire more livestock by exchanging through a cattle trading postor placing a cattle order in you hitch posts. Note that you can only do the latter once a season.

    Sawmills are one of the first buildings you can build in Manor Lords and are crucial for producing wooden planks, which are then used for buildings like churches and mansions.

    This concludes our guide on how to fix Sawpits not working in Manor Lords. We hope you found this useful and let us know how your own kingdoms are doing.

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