How to prepare for and survive winter at Manor Lords


    No season is as important to your success in Manor Lords as winter. You should have a plan ahead of time so that when the snow comes, you won’t have to deal with hungry, frozen villagers. As the old saying goes: if you don’t prepare, prepare to fail. Here’s how to prepare for and survive winter at Manor Lords.

    How to prepare for winter and survive the cold at Manor Lords

    The key to surviving the harsh winters at Manor Lords is Make sure you have enough resources in time for the start of the season. Your goal is to have Enough rations to survive at least four months (the number next to the barrel icon at the top of the screen).

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    The amount of food and fuel you need depends on the number of families you have. Keep that in mind each house needs double the rations in winter as they do during the warmer seasons.

    Maximize food and fuel production in the fall

    Autumn is a time when you should focus on preparing enough food and collect enough firewood and charcoal. Build additional buildings for hunters and foragers so you can relocate additional workers during the fall. Be sure to build hunter camps all over the map to leave enough animals to repopulate. To improve your numbers, issue hunting land policy that improves reproduction by 50% but reduces harvests by 50% (which is fine since you can hunt all year round and it’s easier than farming).

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    You can never have too much food, as you can easily sell all leftover items through your trading post. If you have problems with food and fuel reserves, do not hesitate to import them. Don’t worry if your other industries are suffering; Your main goal is to have enough food and fuel to simply survive.

    Relocating workers to hunting grounds during the winter

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    If you have villagers normally assigned to pick berries during the other seasons of the year, you will want to assign them another task during the winter. Berries do not grow in the cold and snow from the winter season, so if you assign them to this task, they will basically do nothing. Instead, assign them to any surplus hunter camps you have. This will ensure that you have enough food to survive through the cold and that your villagers are being taken advantage of.

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    Make sure all your villagers live in houses.

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    Besides hunger, cold is the other major threat to the villagers during the winter in Manor Lords. Build enough houses before winter comes. to ensure your people have a warm and safe shelter from the elements. This is very important at first, as the villagers initially live in tents and it’s easy to miss a family since they can technically live there. But as soon as winter comes, they will be cold, which will negatively affect their overall happiness.

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