The author of the tale Dune: Spice Wars talked about the theme of the game, which is already underway



    There’s lots of interesting stuff.

    The developers in the Shiro Games studio are working on their Dune: Spice Wars strategy for release, and he spoke of their current affairs and his new features in the roadmap. Representatives of the team revealed to themselves that they are now working on new systems, content and other things.

    In fact, the list of current problems on which Shiro Games specialists are working is very extensive. There are new rules for winning the game, an improved map generator, and updated advice.

    The project is going to receive a series of training missions soon, new discoveries and the mechanics of displaying a detailed statistical report as of the end of the game, and new uniforms for combat units.


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    The plans for Dune: Spice Wars will be announced in the early 2023. The project’s only going to allow the early access to the site in 2023.



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