The 7 Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft 1.19 to Use in 2023


    In Minecraft, all weapons can be enchanted to improve their effectiveness and damage. Once the only ranged weapon in Minecraft, the humble bow is often outclassed by Tridents and Crossbows in the modern game. But a well-enchanted bow can still be one of the best weapons in the game. Read our guide to the best bow enchantments in Minecraft.

    The 7 Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft (1.19)

    There are seven total enchantments for bows in Minecraft 1.19. You can stack up to six of them on a single bow, and they all have their own unique effects. Here are the best bow enchantments in minecraft.

    vanishing curse

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    vanishing curse in an arc will make it disappear after you die. This is pretty useless and only good in very specific examples. For example, if you are on a PvP server and you don’t want anyone to steal your loot. Otherwise, avoid this enchantment.


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    unbreakable It’s a nice enchantment to upgrade your weapon, but compared to other abilities, it’s largely pointless. Especially if you have patches or multiple arches. This enchantment comes in three levels, from Unbreaking I to Unbreaking III. The relative cost and usage of this enchantment make it of little use.

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    Punch will increase the knockback effect for mobs and players. However, since Punch actually makes it harder to hit mobs and doesn’t affect boss monsters like the Warden, Wither, or Ender Dragon, we recommend only using it if you specifically need the utility of knocking things off of high surfaces! Punch has two levels, hit me and punch II.


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    Mending allows your bow to be repaired by accumulating experience. It is mutually exclusive with Infinity and means that your powerful bow will last much longer. We suggest stacking it with a combination of other enchantments to make the perfect bow.


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    After Infinity and Flame, Force It would be the next enchantment that we consider one of the best for the bow. This is because Power increases the damage to your bows, making it a valuable addition via enchantment. You can also stack it up to level five.

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    Plenty it’s an enchantment that means arrows don’t run out when shot. You will still need a single arrow in your backpack, but you will not consume this arrow when fired. This is great if you don’t want to waste your resources on arrows. It’s also mutually exclusive with Mending, which means you can’t have both in your bow.


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    Fire is a unique enchantment that adds fire damage to any enemy hit with your arrows when attached to your bow. We recommend combining it with Power and Infinity for lethal use in combat. It’s the best enchantment as it means enemies will still take damage after it hits. And only a few enemies in minecraft are immune to fire. Great against players, mobs and bosses. The best enchantment for bows in Minecraft.

    Infinity or Repair?

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    One question you need to answer when considering a Minecraft bow enchantment is whether it will use Infinity or Mending. These are mutually exclusive, which means you can’t have both. Repair means that the bow can be repaired using experience, while Infinity means that you only have to carry a single arrow.

    The trade-off really comes in deciding if you want to shoot really fast without worrying about arrows or if you’re prepared to spend more time on your shots. If you like more rapid fire, go for Infinity. If you are a sniper, choose Mending. The resources you have access to also make a difference. If you think it’s easier to get a lot of arrows than to repair a bow, choose Repair. Otherwise, choose Infinity.

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