Project Mugetsu (PM) Race Tier List – All Races, Ranked


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    Project Mugetsu is a Roblox inspired by the popular anime, Bleach. Players can explore the world in this anime action game, becoming one of the many races from the anime. Each race has its advantages and benefits, but also its differences. This may leave you wondering what are the best careers in Project Mugetsu.

    There is no true best race in the Mugetsu Project. The developer Osiris Productions aims to make the game as balanced as possible between all races, which means that each is viable. Ultimately, you can choose the race you want and have a strong character. With that being said, you need to level up and upgrade your chosen race to unlock its full potential.

    All the races in Project Mugetsu, explained

    At the time of writing, only the Soul Reaper and Hollow races are available in Project Mugetsu. Fullbringer and Quincy are expected to arrive in a future update, so it’s hard to gauge their strength. Here are all the races in Project Mugetsu.

    Soul reaper

    Soul Reapers, or Shinigami, can be seen as the protagonist and has the potential to become one of the strongest individuals in the Mugetsu Project. By mastering their Shikai, they can greatly increase their power. Players will need to meditate to improve their power and face more powerful Hollows. We prefer this race as it is easier to level up and reach your full potential.

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    Hollows are evil spirits and oppose Soul Reapers. Hollows can be quite strong, but the most powerful become Arrancar. These Hollows are the deadliest and most powerful Hollow types and are a force to be reckoned with. The Hollow requires more work than Soul Reapers, but reaching Arrancar level is worth it.


    The Fullbringers are not yet in the Mugetsu Project, but we can guess their relative power from the Bleach anime/manga. Their power level varies depending on the user, but in general they are not as strong as Shinigami, Arrancar, or Quincys. We don’t know if this will carry over to the game, but we hope Osiris Productions balances them well; otherwise, players will prefer the other races.


    Like the Fullbringers, the Quincy are not available yet. however, leave Bleach, many of the strongest characters are Quincys. Whether this is still true of Project Mugetsu remains to be seen, but we hope the developer keeps Quincy’s power level on par with the other races or makes the unlock method harder to come by.

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