How to get Perpetualis and its God Roll in Destiny 2


    Perpetualis is a Legendary Auto Rifle that debuted in Destiny 2 Season 20, Season of Defiance. He’s a solid pick for PvE and can absolutely shred in PvP matches if you can get his God Roll. Here’s how to get Perpetualis and its God Roll in Destiny 2.

    Perpetualis God Roll in Destiny 2

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    The automatic rifle has a adaptive framework, which means that it is well balanced in terms of stats. But just because something is balanced doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, and it’s god roll focuses on polishing his stability, rangeand damage output, which is the holy trinity for Crucible, and clearing mobs quickly in PvE.

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    Here is the roll god recommended for Perpetualis in Destiny 2:

    • Barrel: corkscrew fluted—Increases range, stability, and handling speed (Range +5, Stability +5, Handling +5).
    • Magazine: accurate rounds—Increases range (Range +10).
    • Feature #1: Zen moment—Reduces recoil and flinch the more damage you deal. Certain weapons stack. Does the following for a second after a hit:
      • Reduce recoil.
      • Adds resistance to Finch.
      • Reduces weapon movement.
      • Eliminates reticle bounce.
    • Feature #2: target locked—Increases damage the longer you damage a target.

    How to get Perpetualis in Destiny 2

    Getting your hands on Perpetualis is pretty easy in Destiny 2, though getting its God Roll is the challenging part. Because you can earn them frequently, this makes God Roll simpler than other weapons, like the Extraordinary Rendition minigun.

    while you play activities in Season of Defiance, you will earn challenging engramsthat open in the war table in the HELM—Perpetualis is one of the drops you can get here. You are guaranteed to get the automatic rifle if you reach War Table Reputation Rank 10.

    alternatively play challenging battlefield and earning keys can also net you the auto rifle. At the end of an activity, you will get a challenging key What do you use nearby? chest for a reward, which could be Perpetualis if you’re lucky.

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