TFT Lunar Gala (2023) Event Guide



    TFT’s latest update has launched the annual Lunar Gala event, with which they have added numerous free rewards and even a new game mode. Of course, the new rewards are not given to you without a challenge. You will have to complete a series of fun and interactive missions spread over different phases.

    How to finish the TFT Lunar Gala event missions

    The TFT Lunar Gala event has five phases in total, including the final phase. These phases have things that you will need to do in the game to complete the mission. As you gradually progress from phase one to the final phase, the missions become more difficult. Don’t worry; We’ve got you covered with a breakdown and things to do.

    First phase

    • Mission: An explosive mission
    • mission reward: For you! be excited

    field at least 3 Underground, break the vault, and simply claim the rewards from the vault. That’s all you have to do for the first phase. This can be done at the same time as phase three. Gift Gathering.

    Second stage

    • Mission: Someone there?
    • mission reward: 20 star fragments

    Just play a tft game. Ranked, casual, double, any mode.

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    Third phase

    • Mission: Start it up
    • mission reward: 20 star fragments

    field at least 2 hacker for 11 rounds in a game

    • Mission: 5 star delivery service
    • mission reward: 200 EXP

    Level up Galio or Sivir five times. If you use the civil build, you can do this quickly and easily. Or just play the game normally, and whenever you see Galio or Sivir for purchase, buy them and level up. It won’t affect you much since they are both 1 cost champions. You can do this at the same time as phase three. a mighty wind.

    • Mission: Gift gathering
    • mission reward: 200 EXP

    Collect 60 orbs of loot. If you play the Underground version, you’ll be done with this before you know it. If not, just play around and you will eventually get it.

    • Mission: A mighty wind
    • mission reward: 20 star fragments

    Any place a 2 star Janna or a drive with a Zephyr in that. Equipping a unit with a Zephyr is easier than having a 2-star Janna.

    • Mission: a quiet moment
    • mission reward: 200 EXP

    Country Mascot 4especially including Alistar.

    • Mission: beating the beast
    • mission reward: 200 EXP

    Maintain a four round winning streak for at least three rounds. This is easier during the early game.

    Fourth phase

    • Mission: get your song
    • mission reward: 20 star fragments

    Make 40 complete articles. Having the Underground trait is helpful for this, as it gives you more item components.

    • Mission: Flashlight Lightning
    • mission reward: 200 EXP

    Maintain a winning streak of four rounds or more, for a total of 40 rounds. Not consecutively, but all your games combined. He starts counting rounds from the moment he hits a 4 win streak.

    • Mission: Shine the Super Signal
    • mission reward: 20 star fragments

    Field 3 Super on your board Y a three star unit in addition to the 3 Super.

    • Mission: Poised for success
    • mission reward: 200 EXP

    Field mechanics: PRIME setting on your board.

    • Mission: Clash of influence
    • mission reward: 200 EXP

    Have a total of 150 fame with the Anima Squad trait. Anima Squad champions receive a Fame Point for every enemy they kill. The best way to achieve this is to play Anima Squad Build frequently. Just go with the Miss Fortune build.

    • Mission: Dancing with Dragons
    • mission reward: 200 EXP

    Win 30 rounds against other players.

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    Final phase

    • Mission: A festive ending
    • mission reward: Lunar Revel Little Legend Egg

    Tap a game of Fortune’s Favorthe new game mode of TFT.

    XP rewards help you level up through the Lunar event game pass. This will give you more rewards and free tokens that you can use as currency to buy things in the Lunar Revel 2023 store.

    If you’re not sure how to go about the Underground Construction Missions, check out How to Do the Explosive Errand Mission in TFT here in MyFullGames.



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