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    After months of watching Twitter, like Stitch keeping tabs on intergalactic authorities, we realized something: The official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account needs help. Teasing players from time to time with upcoming content is all very well, but that seems to be all Gameloft is willing to post on its account. At a certain point, it starts to feel more like a tease rather than a light hearted joke.

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    Credit where credit is due: When fans reply to tweets (as seen in his second update tweet Y your third update sneak peek) with technical issues or quality of life suggestions, the account is quick to respond and tries to help in any way it can. But fans also keep posting responses to these cute tweets asking, sometimes almost begging, for more official information. Fans want roadmaps, announcements, or whatever, but the account usually remains neutral if they respond to these pleas.

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    You could also take his most recent tweet posted today as an example. The tweet was a poll asking if storage management could use an upgrade. All four responses were sort of yess that added up to “of course, duh.” It was nice to see the account acknowledge how tired fans are of an inventory system in need of some serious updates. Inventory management continues to be a hot topic in the community, and many of us are currently using dozens of dedicated chests or rooms in our upcoming multi-colored houses to try to compensate.

    In the pile of responses screaming “YES PLEASE” are more fans asking for clues as to what characters are coming in Update Three, or even a time frame for its release. We’re not going to hold our breath for solid answers. Still, we salute the fans who continue to comment anyway. Whether these comments are officially answered (or not), we think they’re still being seen. It is essential to post more messages and show Gameloft that we look forward to good communication on upcoming updates to your official account.

    The developers have previously listened to the community on other issues, such as removing the nasty “no power” dimming effect. Maintaining the pressure will only amplify our voice. Hopefully it will also help the developers understand something: we want clearer communication about upcoming content.

    What do you think? Are our voices going to be heard? Are we going to have to accept bits of information? Let us know in the comments. You can also check out or assume what the next update might be, Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 2023: Date and Content Speculation, here on MyFullGames!



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