Tarisland is starting its closed beta test next month.

    • Closed beta testing will take place on June 27.
    • Access to seven classes and multiple explorable areas
    • Defeat the four dungeon bosses to get a number of compliments before each one.

    Tarisland remains Level Infinite’s most anticipated title on Android, iOS, and PC as we’ve been hearing about the MMORPG for over a year now. Pre-registration finally started last month, but we’re still nowhere near launch. That doesn’t mean you can’t try the game, though. A closed beta test will go live soon, giving you a shot to experience what this fantasy RPG has to offer.

    Tarisland’s upcoming CBT will be held on June 27 and will be available only in selected regions. For those of you on Android, available regions include Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. On the PC side, there are no regional limitations. Unfortunately, if you’re on iOS you’ll have to sit out this one.

    Once you access the CBT, you will be able to select one of the seven character classes that are currently on offer. After that, you’ll head to some of the game’s diverse terrains such as Unkash Valley, Silver Lit, and Misty Forest. Each comes with its own stories and quests for you to explore.

    Your choices will have lasting consequences as you engage in heated raids and dungeon battles. You have to strategize your moves according to your character’s strengths and weaknesses to get maximum benefits. And if you become the first to defeat all four dungeon bosses with a squad of ten, get ready to receive tons of honors and rewards.

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    That’s not all as you can also experience the five crafting professions that will be available in the game. If that wasn’t enough, then head to the arena or battleground where you compete against other powerful players. For a more challenging PvE experience, the world bosses are perfect for testing your mettle.

    Register in advance by visiting Tarisland. Official website.


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