Stormy waves: a quest for ingenuity All answers


    A Quest of Wits is a side quest that you can start in the wells of Dim Forest by taking Quiz and Quwen. Here are all the correct answers to your questions.

    All Answers to A Search for Wits in Stormy Waves

    Please note that you must return once each actual day, for three days, to complete the quest line. Skipping time in the game will not work. The mission will be called A Quest of Wits I, II and III respectively.

    • What is Jinhsi’s job title?
    • Who do you ask for peace?
    • Moon hanging on trees, where can you find blessings?

    Once you’ve overcome their strange questions, you’ll be rewarded with 10 Astrite, 150 Union EXP, and 6,000 Shell Credit.

    How to activate A Quest of Wits in WuWa

    Quest of Wits can only be accessed once you have extracted enough poison from the Dim Forest. To do so, you must be in the When the forest is no longer dark exploration search.

    After that, teleport the beacon to Wenye Beach and look for a cavern opening you can jump into. Below, you will find a small camp where you can access three missions, including this one.

    You can also find two treasure chests at the Wenye Beach camp, so keep your eyes peeled. If you already have Lootmapper right now, open one here for easier navigation.

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