How to get into a car from the roof in Fortnite


    Fortnite challenges can be easy, difficult, or just a little strange. To complete some of them, you will have to do things that you would never think of during a match. A confusing mission asks you to enter your vehicle in a specific way. Here’s how to get into a car from the roof in Fortnite.

    How to complete the ‘Get into a car from the roof’ challenge in Fortnite

    To enter a car from the roof in Fortnite, you need to get into the car and press the Use Default button. While it sounds confusing (who gets into the car from the roof?), it’s actually easy to do. Now, all you have to do is find a vehicle with no enemies nearby. You don’t want to get killed while you’re on top of the car!

    The easiest way to complete ‘Get into a car from the roof’ in Fortnite

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    I was almost killed a couple of times while trying to complete the “Get into a car from the roof” challenge, because I wasn’t careful enough. Follow the instructions below to ensure you complete a mission and stay alive at the same time.

    • Get away from a wasteland – Everyone heads there first. Although there are many cars, you will most likely face many enemies before you can jump. If you still want to go there, head to the Nitrodrome location as there are many vehicles waiting for you.
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    • Drop down as close to a car as possible. – Running towards a car can be risky, so try to get as close as you can. If possible, drop directly to the ceiling to quickly complete the mission!
    • Search Service Stations – If you find a Service Station, look around; There’s a good chance you’ll find a car there.

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