Take on the machine with your spray paint in RKGK/Rakugaki


    RKGK/Rakugaki is about restoring Cap City to its colorful self and fighting an evil corporation with the help of your crew. It’s an action-packed platformer that was created to be a love letter to all the things the Wabisabi team grew up loving.

    Wabisabi started in Mexico with its four founders. They wanted to create a game that showed everything they loved about their childhood while also paying homage to their culture.

    in a Steam News Center PostWabisabi revealed the reason why graffiti is such an important and prominent part of the game: “We have been exposed to Latin American graffiti culture our entire lives. In this culture, there is an unmistakable honesty in its expression, where it can “Be a tool to inspire thought, open minds or reveal a story and emotion that cannot be shared with words or an image alone.”

    “We worked with an amazing graffiti artist to develop the art you’ll use to spread creativity in Cap City.”

    “This honesty inspired the purpose of RKGK and gave us the setting and story we wanted to tell (with some cartoon villain humor, of course!).”

    Screenshot via Gearbox

    Graffiti and street art in Mexico have a long history. Its origin stands out in the 1920s, after the Mexican Revolution. The majority of the population was illiterate, so the government commissioned artists to make art that would educate them in a way they could understand. It wasn’t long before artists began to reject the instructions they were told to follow and people began to paint about things they thought were more important.

    Screenshot via Gearbox

    RKGK/Rakugaki takes place in Cap City, which has been acquired by B Corp and its CEO Mr. Buff. You play as Valah, a girl who embodies the spirit of rebellion and spends her time running around the city with her spray paint to bring her grayscale walls back to life.

    Valah is joined by his crew and together they aim to free the neo-brutalist Cap City from its chains. Your job is to rage against the machine, guide Valah through the city, and cut through any B Corporation suits that stand in your way. As you play, you’ll be able to light up the streets with neon colors and collect coins and ghosts so you can unlock more clothing, art, and paint to customize your game.

    Be careful if you come face to face with Mr. Buff. You’ll need all the power of art in your arsenal to fight his mind control technology.

    He Session result The screen can be shared so you can compete with other RKGK players and prove that you are the best speed racer. You need to be faster than your enemies in RKGK/Rakugaki, and that means chaining together your jumps, runs, slides, and moves as you wreak havoc on the city.

    Defacer mode changes the game to the animated wonderland of Valah, allowing you to speed through levels and enjoy taking down B Corp thugs in style.

    RKGK/Rakugaki is available only on Steam starting May 22, 2024 for $19.99 American dollar.

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