Ashika Island will be removed from Warzone and fans believe there was a better solution


    Raven Software recently announced that the old Warzone map Ashika Island will be removed in Warzone Season 4. Unsurprisingly, the player base is unhappy with the decision and wholeheartedly believes there is a better solution.

    Justm16 took to Reddit to share the sad news that Ashika Island will be removed once Season 4 is released. The comments throughout the thread consist of logical suggestions for keeping Ashika Island for a rotation or even fixing the map’s issues. : poor lighting, time of day and poor visibility. Honestly, any solution works better than removing solid content.

    User _TheVengeful_ summed up the sentiment well, saying: “What a huge L. I understand that not everyone liked the map, the colors, the aesthetics… it’s a matter of preference, but removing content from the game just because of that is bad for the game and the player base. Why not keep it in rotation?” This is a completely valid argument that is repeated throughout the thread. A rotation between Fortune’s Keep, Vondel, Ashika Island, and Rebirth Island would give players plenty of content to keep things fresh. Apex Legends manages to utilize a rotating map pool, but for some reason, Call of Duty continues to fail in the bag.

    Zealousideal_While26 has a similar view of the ordeal: “It’s a shame. It wasn’t my favorite, but when you have rotation on, it keeps the game fresh. As mentioned a thousand times, the map would also be great with a new design. with a better climate. It’s just a waste to eliminate it completely.

    I enjoyed the aesthetic of Ashika Island and although the weather was mild and the lighting was hard to miss, I still preferred it to other variants like Vondel. The latter had very little charm and my reaction to loading it on the map was always a sigh. However, playing Vondel every hour isn’t the worst thing in the world, and it’s certainly better than removing the map entirely.

    However, not everyone agrees. User Davecachia chimed in with a different view, saying, “I disagree. Make it so you can choose the map you want to play. I’ll actively wait for the timer to end when a map I don’t like is in rotation.” While I respect his point of view, splitting the player base into four modes (solo, duos, trios, and quads) and then sticking with four different maps is not the solution. Call of Duty servers won’t be able to withstand the stress of such a vast list of game modes, and finding a match for the average player will undoubtedly take much longer. All in all, the idea of ​​anyone choosing all the maps is not the answer.

    Regardless of whether you are someone who wants to choose their map or wants a rotation, one thing is for sure: removing Ashika Island is another bad decision by the developers. First Activision removed DMZ (the best game mode that wasn’t Warzone), then there was a lack of content for Modern Warfare Zombies and now a completely playable map is removed forever.

    That’s all we have about Raven Software to remove Ashika Island. If you’re looking for similar Call of Duty content, check out the CoD community’s votes for the most desired sequel and the results may surprise you here at MyFullGames.

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