Stormy Waves: All Current Banner Characters, Ranked


    There is a large roster of characters in the game, but some of the best ones you will have to place on posters. Here are all the current banner characters ranked in Wuthering Waves so you know whether you should take them out or not.

    All Characters in the Current Wuthering Waves Banner Ranked

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    The current ‘Prevail the Lasting Night’ poster is active until June 12, 2024. The poster features five-star Jiyan, along with four-star Danjin, Chixia, and Mortefi. Four-star characters can be summoned at a higher rate.

    4. Chixia

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    Chixia is already obtained through the main story missions, so putting it on a poster is not really ideal. Unless you’re looking to get her full Chain of Resonance to upgrade her (which you’ll probably get some from this banner anyway). She has a very basic skill setespecially compared to Mortefi who is on the same banner.

    3. Danjin

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    Danjin is a DPS Havoc primary resonator. She will cause a lot of damage when you combine his basic attack with his resonance ability, so you should try to chain them together frequently. She is very useful to have on the team and I especially enjoy her. Resonance Release while attacking aggressively with his dual swords, dealing a lot of damage in a short period of time.

    2. Mortefi

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    Mortefi is a shooter Resonator, but he is mainly not in the field when he is on your team, mainly due to his Resonance Release. It will load pretty quickly and when you activate it all team members will get fiery rhapsody for a short period of time. This means that when they attack, he will also attack, causing double damage and supporting the rest of the team. However, if you are in the countryside, you also have very good crowd control as his Resonance Skill can knock down smaller enemies.

    1. Jiyan

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    As the only five-star on the lineup, of course, you’ll want to appeal to him. Apart from that, he is one of the best units in the game. A primary DPS carry that deals with a large number of Area of ​​Effect Damage Through both basic and strong attacks, Jiyan is essential on a team. However, he concentrates on his Strong attacks when using it since that’s where much of its damage comes from.

    If you are still not sure if you want to place this banner, go to the events tab and look for the Rising Aces Event. Here you can try out all the banner characters to see if they fit your play style. When you complete the challenge, you’ll also get some cool rewards, so even more reasons to give this event a try.

    For more information on the game, check out this Genshin comparison infographic that will get you up to speed on Wuthering Waves terminology in professional gaming guides.

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