How to complete Boss Rush mode in Stellar Blade and unlock new outfits


    Thanks to a surprise update, Stellar Blade now has an exciting new feature called Boss Rush Challenge Mode. This mode allows players to relive fights against the game’s devastating and powerful bosses, along with the promise of rewards. If you’re wondering how it works, here’s our handy guide on how to complete the Boss Rush mode in Stellar Blade and unlock all the new suits.

    How to complete Boss Rush mode in Stellar Blade

    Boss Rush Mode is Stellar Blade’s new game mode that is free with the game’s update 1,003 and is perfect for players who want to challenge themselves to the absolute limit against the most ruthless Naytibas. To get started, this mode can be accessed at any time from the main menu by clicking Boss challenge.

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    Once there, you will be presented with three levels of boss challenges: History mode, normal modeand hard mode. This aligns with the campaign’s difficulty options, so if you decide to fight these bosses on the same difficulty you chose during the story, you won’t be caught off guard in that regard.

    While this mode is perceived as a boss challenge challenge, In fact, you can fight them in any order you want.. For example, if you want to start with the final boss of the story and work your way back from there, that’s absolutely fine. Or if you want to start hard mode immediately, do that. Which path you want to take to victory is entirely up to you.

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    Just before starting a fight, you will have to choose what type of ‘Preset’ want. These are essentially equipment options, indicating what Eve will have to use during the fight, from skills to equipment sets, consumables, etc. There are four options and they include:

    • Setting the last save slot – Use the skills, upgrades, upgrades and equipment from the last saved slot played. Consumables are also provided, excluding WB bombs.
    • EVE Preset – Maximum – All skills are available and upgrades are maxed. Optimal equipment is provided along with consumables, excluding WB pumps.
    • EVE Preset – Maximum (New Game +) – Includes new skills provided in New Game+ along with Mk II gears.
      • Note: This preset is only available if you have completed New Game+ at least once.
    • EVE Preset – Minimum – “Ha, I can’t believe I have to fight like this…” This preset only provides the skin suit, along with standard abilities and no upgraded equipment or consumables.

    Completing a Boss Rush fight will record your stats for that fight. These include the preset you chose, difficulty, time spent, perfect parries executed, number of perfect dodges, damage taken, and ammo used.

    If you need help executing skills like perfect parries, be sure to check out our guide to learn how to do it.

    Tips for Stellar Blade Boss Rush Mode

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    While the Boss Rush mode in Stellar Blade seems pretty straightforward, based on our experience so far, there are some important tips you should keep in mind before picking up your sword.

    1. Without time limit – While other games with similar modes force you to complete challenges in a certain period of time, Boss Rush Mode has no time limits for any of its boss challenges. You can take as much time as you need in each fight to execute whatever strategy you have in mind.
    2. No WB bombs – As stated in the Preset menu descriptions, WB Bombs are the consumables that you cannot use in Boss Rush mode. If you die in battle, you will not be able to revive or rise again. Instead, the challenge will reset and you can try again immediately, if you wish. Either way, don’t count on having those items available.
    3. No Beta, Burst or Tachy gauge preload – As part of the challenge, any fight you attempt in Boss Rush mode will start with zero energy in your Beta, Burst, and Tachy gauges. You may want to adjust your usual strategy if you prioritize using these types of attacks from the beginning.
    4. Your last saved space is the best preset – While there are plenty of presets to choose from in Boss Rush mode, and ‘Maximum’ is definitely appealing, the best option is still, without a doubt, your own save slot. This allows you to fully customize your equipment and adapt to the needs of a particular fight. Just remember that if you want to make changes to this preset, you must go back to your saved file in the Campaign to do so.
    5. The boss mechanics are the same – While this is a different game mode, there is virtually no difference in mechanics with any of the boss fights. Even the areas they fight in are exactly the same. The chosen difficulty is the only thing you need to worry about, so this means you can carry over your custom boss strategies from the Campaign.

    How to get new outfits in Stellar Blade 1.003 update

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    Of course, it wouldn’t be a true update for Stellar Blade without adding more nanosuit sets for Eve to collect. Fortunately, there are a few and you’ll need to know where and how to find them.

    First and foremost, Two new nanosuits will be unlocked simply by downloading update 1.003 for Stellar Blade.. Called Black Kunoichi and White Kunoichi, they are variants of the same outfit and do not require any crafting materials to be accessible. They are literally free in every sense of the word.

    A special nanosuit suit for Eve can then be unlocked through the Boss Rush mode. it’s called the Neurolink suit (as seen above), and to get it, you will need Successfully complete all boss challenges on normal or higher mode..

    Note that this means you must first defeat every boss in the Stellar Blade story, including those found in every possible ending. Once you’ve done that, all of those bosses will be available to fight in Boss Rush mode.

    Finally, Roxana He has two more outfits available at his black market shop in Xion, and they are by far the most striking. To the point that we can’t help but wonder if this was Shift Up’s subtle jab at Sony for the game’s censorship fiasco. Either way, ‘Summer reddish’ and ‘Summer Alice’ will cost 10 vitcoins each in Roxanne’s shop, and must be crafted.

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