How to Farm for Iris in Wuthering Waves (Map Locations)


    In Wuthering Waves, you’ll need a ton of Ascension materials to ascend all of your characters. One of these important materials that you will want to collect to level Calcharo and Taoqi to the maximum is Iris, so let’s see how to get it.

    Map of Iris spawns in WuWa

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    In the world, you can find a total of 65 Iris locations. Most of these are found in the Fallen Tombs Area in the southeastern part of the current map. On the map above, you can see all the Iris locations marked with stars. It is quite fast to grow iris flowers here; you can do this circle once every 24 hours upon reboot and get all the Iris you need pretty quickly. If you want to expand your search a little further, you can also find another handful of these flowers a little further north in the Rolling battlefield. All Iris spawns in this area have been marked with stars on the map below.

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    There are also other Iris spawns around the map, but they are much further apart, and it’s not really worth it if you plan on doing this farm once a day. But there is another place where you can pick a bunch of these blue flowers at once: Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou.

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    The pharmacy sells them for 3,000 coins each and has 15 available at a time. I couldn’t determine the respawn timer for the pharmacy products, but you should be able to purchase them fairly regularly. Without a doubt, it is the easiest way to fill your Iris pockets.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

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