How to quickly visit shrines for each item in Fortnite (Map)


    Solving Chakra challenges has been a concern of mine since Avatar: Elements was introduced in Fortnite. While many Sound Chakra challenges were easy to complete, one required you to quickly visit shrines of each item in Fortnite.

    To complete the Sound Chakra quest and earn 350 Chi, you must visit shrines of each element (four locations). To do that, you must first know all the Elemental Shrines locations in Fortnite.

    The best way to visit all Elemental Shrines in the Sound Chakra mission in Fortnite

    Now that you know where each shrine is, your task is to plan your itinerary. As you can see in the Fortnite Chapter 5 map image below, there are two routes you can take.

    Image from MyFullGames

    Depending on where you exit the Battle Bus, you must first head to one of the two Air Element shrines. You will need the Air Mythic to use the Airbending technique Air Wheel to travel quickly around the map. In this way we will easily evade the enemies, since our objective is not to enter combat but to visit four sanctuaries before the storm arrives.

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    Route 1 (black line route on map)

    From the desert region Location of the air sanctuary, head north to reach the water shrine. From there, follow the path leading to the center of the map to reach the Earth shrine, with the Fire shrine at the bottom left as last. You can take a car on the way, but Air Wheel was my preferred transportation. because I wanted to be more flexible.

    Route 2 (yellow line on the map)

    If you can get there quickly, the best option is to aim for the Sanctuary of air in the mountains. Near the shrine, there is a jump pad that allows you to glide (especially if use flow berries, which can be obtained near the platform). From there, glide over to the Earth shrine in the center of the map. Next, head north towards the Water Shrine, with the Fire Shrine as the last place to visit. Again, use Air Wheel for fast travel.

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