Squirrels to host blood cancer awareness charity event

    • Squirrels, the picture guessing puzzle, is set to host a new in-game charity event
    • This will help DKMS, who raise awareness about blood cancer.
    • You’ll be able to unlock an exclusive new character in this limited-time event.

    Picture guessing game Squarelets is set to host an in-game event starting this Thursday, to support blood cancer awareness charity DKMS. The game, which we gave a glowing review, will let you collect a special character and encourage DKMS’s contribution to blood cancer awareness.

    The event will allow you to play Squirrels as normal, with the game-specific mechanics of tapping squares to reveal part of an image before making a choice to guess what it is. You’ll be able to earn a new limited-time character by completing games as part of this weekly challenge, the Little Red Blood Sale.

    What’s more, this update not only marks a heartwarming charity event, but also introduces weekly challenges to the game as a whole.

    Having square hips

    We’re excited to see a game like Squarelets decide to support a charity. DKMS does great work, and it’s a shame that we often see collaborations with businesses and media franchises more than we do with groups trying to push an important message.

    We hope this won’t be the last charity support that Squarelets does, and for those who want to go and get the exclusive Little Red Blood Cell character, you’ll be able to start playing this week on Thursday the 23rd. !

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