How to kill pests in abiotic factor


    So you’ve secured a clean water supply and are growing your own food at Abiotic Factor. Now it’s time to turn your attention to the monsters wandering around. If you’re having trouble killing pests without taking too much damage, read on for bonus equipment, tactics, and uses.

    The best way to kill pests with abiotic factor

    Pests are the most numerous enemy at the beginning of the game. Although they are weak and unarmored, their unconventional jumping attack and large numbers can pose a threat to the unwary. Fear not, there are a number of tactics and weapon loadouts you can use to dispatch them with ease.

    Immobilize and trample

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    Ahh yes, the old ways are the best. This is the tactic that requires the least resources and is easiest to implement. Create a throwing net from a piece of cloth, approach the pest, and when it is within range, throw the net over it. This will immediately stun the monster, allowing you to get close enough to stomp on it (default E). It should only take one or two hits to finish it off.

    Kill from range

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    The improvised crossbow recipe will be available once you have grabbed a rubber ball. You will need to carry the rubber band ball, a desk leg, a stapler, and some plastic scraps to an electric craft bench. To make bolts you will need as many pens and pieces of scrap metal as you can find.

    Once unlocked and loaded, attacking pests from range becomes a viable option. Remember: your accuracy will be terrible early in the game, so make sure you bring plenty of ammo. To make it even easier, try sneaking up on pests when they aren’t moving. Shoot before they see you and move on to the next one.

    shield wall

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    For those players who prefer to go toe-to-toe (or toe-to-toe) with enemies, equip a cafeteria tray shield and any one-handed melee weapon you can get your hands on. Strafing is your friend here; dodge as soon as they jump to jump towards you and they should fly past you. Now close range and hit them while they recover. Try to choose a tight spot to fight them, that way you can chase them before they jump again. If you’re not quick enough to get out of the way, you can always raise the shield with the right mouse button to nullify the damage.

    vacuum gun

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    The recipe for the vacuum cleaner should be available once you have killed and collected a piece of raw anthrax. Combine raw anthrax, a power brick, a metal tube, and a pressure gauge into a motorized crafting bench.

    Once built, the vacuum cleaner can suck up any pests that come close. Once loaded into the weapon, you can launch them as living projectiles at the nearest wall. Alternatively, feel free to throw them at other pests to make them explode in a shower of goo. This is especially useful during portal attacks on your base, where an entire wave of plagues can be easily cleared.

    pest trap

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    Instead of killing pests, you can always use a tray of nachos and some basic office supplies to create a pest trap. Once you’ve caught one, you can tame it by feeding it. This will allow you to give the tamed pest a custom name.

    Or, once you’ve secured Flathill’s power cells by traversing the drilling on level 3, you’ll have the option to build a plague wheel. Capturing a pest with this allows it to generate energy when the lights go out at night.

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