The CoD community votes on the most desired sequel and the results may surprise you


    Call of Duty has a storied history with games spanning decades and tackling all sorts of different timelines. A fan wanted to hear the community’s opinion about his most desired sequel in the franchise’s long history; The results may surprise you.

    Reddit user Allan_Breno jumped on the Call of Duty subreddit to ask other fans which of the games listed they would like to see a sequel. The list included Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3, World War II, and Modern Warfare 3 (2011).

    The vote count has Call of Duty Ghosts winning by a wide margin, with Infinite Warfare coming in second place, narrowly edging out Advanced Warfare in third place. This little survey was a surprising revelation; Each of the medalists had previously been unpopular Call of Duty games that were criticized and denounced by the majority of fans. But like fine wine, age has certainly helped players appreciate these games for what they are: excellent FPS games with some of the best campaigns in the series.

    That Call of Duty Ghosts is the most sought after sequel on this list of games is only surprising for one reason: it is more sought after than Infinite Warfare. I enjoyed Ghosts and while it wasn’t perfect and had its fair share of plot holes, it condensed Call of Duty’s action man story into a character-driven narrative that was refreshing to see.

    Infinite Warfare was one of the most hated games upon its release, reaching over 3 million dislikes and becoming the second most disliked video on YouTube in 2016. Despite the negative reaction from players, many gave the game a chance and discovered a top-notch campaign that should not be put to sleep. I personally love Infinite Warfare and its character-driven story and many more should give this diamond in the rough another chance.

    User TGB_Skeletor has a great opinion: “Infinite Warfare should have been its own IP.” If Activision had committed to that approach, it could have spawned a whole new line of FPS games that rivals Call of Duty in an alternate timeline.

    While Advanced Warfare wasn’t at the top of my list of best campaigns, its take on mobility and exo-suits in Multiplayer and Zombies was a good idea that just didn’t work. Given that AW had to fill the giant boots of its predecessors, it’s no surprise that it wasn’t well received by fans. Suddenly, we go from Captain Price and Yuri with boots on the ground to jumping around in exo-suits and running up walls. The system hit for Call of Duty players is potentially what soured the flavor of this game, but now that we’ve all gotten quite old, players are wondering if the games were that bad.

    Maybe it’s time for Activision to take another look at the futuristic shooter genre and learn from its previous mistakes.

    That’s all we have in this little community vote. If you’re looking for similar content, check out Warzone’s Urzikstan, it’s rumored to not have ranked mode and players aren’t happy, CoD has used up all its goodwill and players are hesitant to commit to buying Black Ops 6 and more on the professional game guides. .

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