Spire of the Watcher Dungeon Guide for Destiny 2


    The Vex are raiding a critical facility related to Rasputin’s duties. It’s up to Destiny 2’s Guardians to ascend the Watcher’s Tower and prevent the Vex from integrating Warmind’s features into their own systems. Along the way, there will be plenty of puzzles to solve, enemies to fight, and bosses to drop for sweet loot.

    Spire of the Watcher Core Mechanic

    The basic puzzle mechanic for Spire of the Watcher involves restoring power to the terminals. This is done by finding the starting point of a pipe line, firing the junction points when they are under the arctrician buff, and following the course to the terminal. To gain the Arctrician buff, Guardians must kill the Minotaurs that spawn and remain in the Vex pool they drop upon defeat. The buff lasts for 30 seconds and more time will be added for each bond shot.

    When it comes to the pipes, they come in two colors. yellow tubes will hold the position indefinitely. Players have time to figure out where the pipes lead, get the buff, and turn on the power. red tubes they have a relatively short timer and Guardians must complete the circuit before the charge is lost.

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    Spire of the Warden Chief – Akelous, the Siren’s Stream

    After ascending the tower, the guardians will face their first boss in Spire of the Watcher, Akelous, The Siren’s Current. This fight will make use of yellow tubes. There are four that extend in cardinal directions from the center of the map. We recommend that the Guardians split into the first three and team up for the fourth arm. Remember that ads, including your Minotaurs, will appear constantly, so try to keep them in check, but don’t lose focus on loading the terminals.

    Upon loading the fourth terminal, Akelous will float up to meet the fire crew. Just like Garden of Salvation, he will strut around like a peacock and show his pretty eyes. Reward this vulgar display by shooting them all. Once all the lights go out, Akelous will be vulnerable to damage. Pop a bubble, drop a pit, get out Divinity and your linear fusion rifles, and hit the town. Akelous will retreat to the center of the map. Follow him, but drop down into the hole on whatever catwalk you’re on to avoid getting sent flying when Akelous booms. There’s no enrage timer, so take as many DPS phases as it takes to land this flying pain in the butt.

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    Spire of the Warden Chief – Persys, Primal Ruin

    It’s time to put into practice everything you’ve learned in this hectic meeting. This fight is divided into two rooms. At the start of the fight, Persys will be in Room #2. The first objective is to open the doors. Before that, consider the layout of room #1. There are four columns in the center with red tubes inside feeding a fifth switch above the door of room #2. On the outside of those same columns are yellow tubes which lead to the terminals in Room #2.

    When the fight starts, there will be two hydras that spawn on opposite sides of Room #1. kill them make minotaurs breed. You should know the routine by now. Kill the Minotaurs, stand on the Arctrician buff, and hit all the red pipe junction points to open the doors to Room #2. Note that the large door in the center is open as are the two smaller doors on either side.

    With the door open, Persys will begin to wander between the rooms. She is extremely hostile and she will quickly drop a Guardian. Be aware of her location at all times! The objective of this phase is to supply power through the yellow pipes to room two. Each time this phase unfolds, there will be randomly selected nodes in the columns of Room #1. Simply find the ones that are open and chase the energy to their respective terminal.

    Before activating the final terminal, make sure Persys is in room #2! The reactor will be active and the guardians should immediately take it to room #. In #1, release the minotaurs and flip the red switch to close the front door. The reactor will go off and Persys will lose her shield. Once the reactor is done doing its job, the main door will open and Persys will enter room #1. This marks the start of the DPS phase. Like Akelous, she uses whatever buffs you have along with your hardest-hitting weapons. The damage window is short, so you’ll want to make the most of it.

    Once his shield is up again, Persys will start wandering the rooms again. This marks the beginning of the rotation again. There is no rage timer for this fight, so play safe, play smart, and take your time. Eventually you’ll leave Persys and hopefully get a pretty nifty bow for your troubles.

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