Dwarf Fortress Steam UI and Symbols Explained



    When you first start Dwarf Fortress and Fortress mode starts, it can be overwhelming looking at the user interface and trying to figure out everything that’s going on. That’s why we’ve broken down everything in the Dwarf Fortress UI and what each part means. Read on to discover the secrets of the DF user interface!

    Dwarf Fortress Premium UI

    Next, we’ve created a key for each UI element in Dwarf Fortress:

    1. Alerts and messages – These are all the urgent alerts that your fortress has. Click on them for more details.
    2. name of the fort – This appears in Dwarven, a translation, and then the size of your fortress.
    3. dwarf information – This area shows your current population and the happiness of those dwarves.
    4. information bar – This bar details what the cursor is currently on.
    5. Actions and date – This advanced fortress information tells you the approximate number of shares in your fortress, or the exact amount if you have a bookkeeper. You will also see the phase of the moon, the date, the month and the year.
    6. mini map – This new feature for Premium gives you a mini map, but also some features like level navigation, smooth levels, ramp directions and fast moves.
    7. Menu bar – This set of icons are all the game menus.
    8. commands – The middle set of icons represents orders for your dwarves.
    9. Squads and world map – The last two icons are the squadrons and the world map icon. They control combat and conquest.
    10. Quick levels detail – This is a representation of the current level and elevation of your fortress, with the current elevation being roughly in the middle.

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    While the user interface may seem overwhelming, Dwarf Fortress’ new premium user interface is actually vastly simplified and clarified from the original game. Also, when you hover over most of the skins, you’ll get a quick explanation of what it is in the top right corner.

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