WoW Dragonflight Cooking Leveling Guide


    Cooking is an extremely valuable secondary profession in World of Warcraft. Like all the other professions in the Dragonflight expansion, cooking has undergone a major overhaul and is deeper than ever. Of course, as players rush to complete the content and raid the Vault of the Incarnates, a good meal in the stomach will be incredibly helpful. Here’s how to get to that point.

    The fastest way to level up Dragonflight Cooking in World of Warcraft

    Levels 1-50

    Jumping from level one to level 50 is pretty straightforward and easy to do. Focus on crafting the following questionable-named recipes to quickly get you halfway there. Remember that you will want to craft yellow and higher quality items for a better chance of earning a skill point.

    • twice baked potato x5 (Levels 1 to 5)
    • Assorted Exotic Spices, rock salts in pebbleseither probably protein x18 (Levels 5 to 23)
    • hopefully healthy x12 (Levels 23 to 35)
    • delicious dragon saliva either Basilisk Scrambled Eggs x17 (Levels 35 to 50)

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    Levels 50-100

    Unfortunately, the task of getting from level 50 to 100 is not that simple. There are no trainer crafting recipes and players must find new crafting recipes in the wild. These can come from rarities, quests, dungeons, and a few other sources like renown. Various recipes such as Filet of Fangs, Salt-Baked Fishcake, Timely Demise, and Surprise Seamoth can be obtained by fishing and will greatly help players push their limits. Just keep grinding!

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