How to evolve O’Sole Meeo in Vampire Survivors


    If I ever faced vampires and other monsters in real life, I would want to be defended by a magical puppy that shoots flowers from behind. Here’s how to evolve O’Sole Meeo in Vampire Survivors.

    How to Upgrade O’Sole Meeo in Vampire Survivors

    You need to do a couple of things to complete the evolution of dog hero O’Sole Meeo in Vampire Survivors:

    • Unlocks the Chaos Altemanna relic.
    • Level up O’Sole Meeo to level 80 – You will level up much faster by selecting the right skills.

    You should definitely evolve the O’Sole Meeo dog, since it’s not every day you get the chance to become a divine fire creature that destroys enemies by throwing flowers at them. Even the dog shape is good for playing. You start with an ability that pushes enemies away while hitting them with beautiful flowers. Talk about killing with kindness, right?

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    O’Sole Meeo’s evolved attacks in Vampire Survivors

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    When you upgrade O’Sole Meeo, that cute white dog turns into a golden deity who likes flower attacks. While his attacks appear random, the evolved version actually has three different area-of-effect attacks. They differ not only in the types of flowers but also in the way they move on the screen:

    • Random wave of flowers moving across the screen in no particular order.
    • Yellow flowers falling around the character.
    • A bouquet of flowers moving from an evolved O’Sole Meeoin in all directions.

    The evolution of O’Sole Meeo was made possible after Vampire Survivors patch 1.7.0, which brought many improvements to this sleeping hit. I really like how the game is constantly improving and I’m looking forward to playing with new strange but endearing heroes.

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