Spanish Cup – Sevilla and Real Sociedad crushed rivals


    The Spanish Cup was held on December 21th, 2012. The Spanish soccer team continues to fight for the Copa del Rey.

    Valencia and Real Sociedad fought back in devastating fashion and reached the next stage.

    The winners of the Spanish Super Cup (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Betis) will enter the competition from the third round (1/16 final).

    Spanish Cup. Second round

    21 December

    Ibiza Islas Pitiusas Eibar 1:0 Levante Andorre 2:1 Alaves 0:1, Numancia Sporting Gijon 0:3 San Marco Vallecano 0:0 (pen. 1:3) Arenas Club Valladolid 1:5 Arnedo Osasuna 1:3 Coria Real Sociedad 0:5 Logronos Albacete 0:0 (pen. 4:3) Pontevedra Tenerife 2:1 Ceuta UD Ibiza 3:2 Juventud Torremolinos Seville 3:3 o’clock.

    Goals and match control are a good match.

    Numancia Sporting Gijon 0:3 o’clock.

    Saguntino Rayo Vallecano 0:0 (pen. 1:3)

    – Arenas Club Valladolid 5.00.

    Arnedo Osasuna 1:3:32.

    Coria Real Sociedad 0:5 Affe: Koria Real Sociedad 0:55 Affe: Coria Real Sociedad, 2005:0:05 Affe: Coria Real Sociedad op tena y no tena de los Mundos y no fecha, los Mundos.

    Juventud Torremolinos Sevilla 0:3.


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