Tesla is offering U.S. customers with electric vehicles up to $7.500



    For most of this year, Tesla raised the price of its electric vehicles, sometimes as much as five thousand dollars at a time, but Elon Musk kept repeating he’d willing to lower his expenses if the economy improved. Beginning in January, the US authorities are offering the financing of $7,500 per car for electric vehicles buyers, and Tesla is ready to offer the same discount as local customers.

    Image Source: Tesla.

    As Electrek explains, Tesla sales representatives can give a $7,500 discount on local produced models and models if the customer wants to pick up the electric car at the end of the year. The fact that from January 1, a subsidy of $7,500 will begin to apply to electric cars assembled in the United States of America at a price range, and, thus, many potential owners of Tesla cars postpone the purchase until next month. A company interested in boosting sales is ready to pay proportionally give up the price, so that they don’t wait till January to cause a logistic imbalance and worsen the statistics of the last quarter.

    According to the source, Tesla provided a discount of $3,750 to its customers in December, and the link to this amount was related to the imminent start of government subsidies. Since then, Tesla electric vehicles would not be able to meet the requirements to make the battery a real choice for the use of the cars and the US authorities would grant a little more than $3 a day. Now it’s been known that the terms of the requirements are already in effect from March next year, and there’ll be a full-supply of $7,500 to buyers of Tesla electric vehicles. The company changed the discount only proportionally. As a bonus, Tesla began to give a 166,000 km-long limit to consumers who bought cars in the US in December with the equivalent free charge limit to the company’s Supercharger network.

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