IWillDominate leaves Cloud 9 after two years with League org, so that apparently Twitch is to blame



    Within two years since the end of its tenure, the club became a streamer and content creator. The organization confirmed his departure on Thursday, December 22.

    What a wonderful two years it was, wrote Cloud9 on Twitter. Thank you for always keeping us entertained from your co-streaming to your spicy meals. Happy to the second-round adventure.

    IWillDominate said he’s planning to make a video explaining why it happened, but assured fans he left, on good terms and the organization treated him well during his time with them. His messages were made after fans claimed that his split was a problem.

    Can’t you explain what it would be like to do in a week? Almost know that I parted on good terms with C9 and they were good to me all the time. If the landscape of watching and streaming change in the future, then I might be back with C9 in the future. https://t.co/mDsXaYzqYz.

    Christian Rivera (@IWDominate) December 22, 2022

    Since his membership in an esports organisation was unavoidable, IWillDominate mentioned that in stream (the VOD is restricted to non-subscribers) and claimed Twitch forced its hand after reducing ad revenue. Cloud9 apparently tried to negotiate with the Amazon heavyweights, but they wouldn’t budge. So, instead of letting her lose money, C9 and IWD both decided it was in his best interest to continue.

    This is tied into the statement made by IWD who said they parted way on decent terms.

    Dom talked about it on stream and since its not c9 fault, its actually twitch’s. Twitch is basically cutting a lot of dom’s ad money because he’s with an esports org and dom is losing more money from that than he makes on c9. After the C9 tried to get it fixed, twitch wouldn’t bang.

    James Imai (@808runnah) December 22, 2022

    I will see what IWillDominate has said about the situation after his video release.

    Twitch has been criticized for being overseared over the way they get paid for how they’ve done it with creators. They change their own mindset, but IWillDominates situation seems complicated.

    IWD has been growing content for six years. He had a career of six years from 2010 to 2016 before his pro league career began. After his career spanned four teams, including Haters, compLexity Gaming, Team Curse and Team Liquid. He never won anything but finished second twice, completing fourth four times and maximizing the prize money to thirty dollars. He played in a couple of games in his career.

    He retired after playing one game for Liquid in the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split, but stayed in the organization for four years before signing with Cloud9 in 2020.



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