Soul Type Tier List: All Arrancar Weapons, Ranked


    Aside from Quincy, Arrancar is my favorite class in Type Soul. The main reason is the wide variety of weapons that can be used. While the options are suitable for advanced players, they may confuse newbies exploring the Arrancar class. So, here is the Armas Arrancar tier list for players to study and learn the combat potential of each weapon in the game.

    Arrancar Weapon Tier List: Soul Type

    Below you can find all the weapons for an Arrancar in a tier list format. They are classified into groups S, A, B, C, and D based on their combat ability, rarity, and viability in the current meta. Check out the full list of levels and choose the ones that match your play style or your current rank in the game.

    Level Weapons
    Yes Grimmjow’s Claw, Barrangan’s Axe
    TO Hollowburden, Caliber, Wonderweiss Sword, Nnoitra’s Scythe
    b Bloodedge, Spear of Neliel
    c Harribel’s Dagger, Ulqiorra’s Katana
    d Tessen

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    The best weapons to Arrancar in Type Soul

    Below you can find all of the Arrancar weapons and why they belong to that particular tier.

    S Level

    • Grimmjow’s Claws: Grimmjow’s Claw is the best weapon in the entire game. His combos are easy to execute and are primarily channeled around basic melee and Arrancar primary/secondary skills. It also has an air stun ability, which causes your opponent to fly into the air and remain stunned for a few seconds. You can deal tons of damage in these seconds, tipping the battle in your favor. I suggest you equip Grimmjow’s Claws to become the best player on the server.
    • Barragan’s Ax: Barragán’s Ax is another type of top-tier soul weapon. First of all, the ax has hyper armor, an excellent defensive ability that activates when your health bar goes low. Secondly, the ax can penetrate defensive moves by charging it, causing a lot of problems for passive players.

    Level A

    • hollow charge: Hollowburden is an excellent sword with incredible damage numbers and easy to execute combo moves. The only drawback is that you should be able to land the first shot, which is a challenge to land correctly. I highly recommend Kendo and Speed ​​users to use the weapon during PvP fights.
    • Caliber: The Caliber is a perfect weapon. It’s easy to take shots and has excellent damage numbers. It also has a stun suitable for crowd control. The only negative is that it could be more effective at long range, making it a challenging weapon against base campers.
    • Wonderweiss Sword: If you love playing a patient game, Wonderweiss should be your weapon of choice. This sword is perfect for attacking, as you gain additional points of damage for each continuous shot. On top of that, it is the only weapon with a push attack feature that allows you to gain some damage against passive players.
    • Nnoitra’s Scythe: The scythe is a deadly weapon in close and long range combat. M1 combos are easy to execute and are executed suddenly at the end. It also greatly provides opportunities, making it one of the few weapons with that ability in Type Soul. The only drawback I see is the low swing speed.

    Level B

    • Blood edge: The Bloodedge was a top-tier S-Class weapon, but it has received significant nerfs, making it a B-tier option for now. It has two crits and a decent swing speed, making it easy to land hits on low-level reapers/hollows.
    • Spear of Neliel: The spear is an underrated weapon in Type Soul. People often ignore it due to its low damage number, but it makes up for that with its incredible range. If you are a passive player who wants to play from a distance and only hits an opening, the spear can become your best friend.

    Level C

    • Harribel’s dagger: Harribel’s Dagger is a short knife with great power if used correctly. It has good turning speed, damage output, and excellent stun ability. But, like most dagger weapons, it lacks range and is only effective if you are close to your opponent. Still, you can use the dagger for all of the above and include a killer finishing move.
    • Ulqiorra’s Katana: A good starting weapon for beginning Arrancar players who love a good speed build. The Katana’s movement speed is decent and the attacks are easy to execute. While it has some great perks, it seriously lacks raw damage numbers and should be replaced with something like Bloodedge as you become a better player.

    Level D

    • Tessen: The only weapon that appears in Tier D is Tessen. This weapon could be better in terms of damage. On top of that, you have to be very close to your opponent to even land a hit, making you very vulnerable to all ragdoll and stun style counterattacks. Avoid the weapon and only use it to troll your friend or opponent during a PvP battle.

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