Where to find SpongeBob’s house in Another Crab’s Treasure (map)


    There are many references and Easter eggs hidden within the world of Another Crab’s Treasure, including several references to the hit Nickelodeon show SpongeBob SquarePants. There’s even a place in the Sands Between where you can find a recreation of SpongeBob’s signature pineapple house.

    Pineapple House Location in Another Crab’s Treasure

    The first thing you need to do is take the Mantis Punch adaptation power for Krill. There is a purple Umami block preventing you from accessing this location and I couldn’t find a solution to get there. To obtain this power, you will first have to defeat the secret boss Topodawhich is located in Expired Grove.

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    The Umami blocks that need to be broken can be found in the northwest corner of the sands between, near the garbage can and all the chains. Here is the map location of the Umami blocks.

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    Once you’re through this wall, you’ll need to head west, looking for a gap between the rocks and the southernmost edge of the trash can. Go through this gap and then continue west until you reach the other side of the trash can.

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    You can find the pineapple house here. If you look inside the Pinecone House, you’ll find a Bug-Eyed Stowaway, which grants -50% mental attack affliction stacking when equipped. He’s not the best of stowaways, but he can be useful in certain areas of the game.

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