How to Trade and Sell Resources in Manor Lords


    Engaging in trade in Manor Lords is necessary to grow your city and influence. If you’re ready to expand your home, here’s how to buy, sell, and trade resources in Manor Lords.

    How to Build a Trading Post in Manor Lords

    To enter the global market in Manor Lords, you must create a trading post. To do this, click the build button at the bottom of the screen.

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    Next, select the “Trade” tab in the build menu.

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    There will be two trading post options here. The first is the usual trading post, where most of your buying and selling will take place.

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    The second is the Livestock Trading Post, where you can buy and sell animals.

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    I recommend building both, especially since you can buy livestock at the livestock trading post for the normal trading post.

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    How to Trade at Manor Lords

    The Trading Post and the Livestock Trading Post have the same five categories:

    • General
    • People
    • Advanced
    • Trade
    • Cattle

    The three most important are General, People, Advanced and Commerce. Start with the General, which allows you to assign workers to the trading position. Assign at least one family to start operating.

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    The advanced section will allow you to do the same with oxen. If you only have one, I recommend leaving it in the city for construction.

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    The Trade tab is where the actual trading happens. The trade sections are divided by resource types, but each specific trade consists of 5 items.

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    • Type of trade – The type of operation is shown in the white box on the left. Allows you to choose between not trading, fully trading, importing or exporting an item.
    • Resource name – The information in the red box shows you the name of the item to be marketed and its image.
    • Surplus amount – The numbers in the blue box show how much of an item you currently own and how much you want to have after importing or exporting the resource.
    • Import and Export Price – The green box shows how much an item will sell for (export price) followed by how much it can be purchased (import price).
    • Trade route price – The yellow box is where players can unlock the trade route for a resource.

    Types of trade in stately lords

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    The first type of trade is “No Trade”, which means you will not buy or sell that item. Selecting “import” means you will buy that item from others, while “export” means you will only sell that item. The last type of trade is “Full Trade”, which means you will buy and sell the item in question. The amount of an item you will buy and sell is determined by the surplus amount you record.

    The trade surplus

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    The surplus quantity is the amount of a resource you want to own. If you are selling an item but want to keep 30 in your storage, change the surplus quantity to 30. If you are purchasing an animal such as a sheep, change the surplus quantity to the number of sheep you want to raise.

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    Change the surplus amount by pressing the (-) and (+) indicators or directly typing the number into the surplus number.

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    Trading routes in Manor Lords

    Each resource in the game has the potential to unlock a trade route. Unlocking the Trade Route costs Regional Wealth, which can be obtained by doing things like upgrading residences in your region. When you unlock a trade route, a traveling merchant visits you monthly to trade with you the specific resource you unlocked the route for.

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    There are two types of operations, the first is the minor operation and the second is the major operation. I discovered that Major Trades have much higher export prices than import prices at the expense of costing great regional wealth. To combat this, I recommend using one of your development points for the Trade Logistics development perk.

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    Now even Major Trades will only have a maximum Regional Wealth cost of 25. This gives you access to Trade Routes in the game that normally cost 60 Regional Wealth or even more. You will be able to create and sell these expensive materials much earlier in the game than without the benefit.

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