Sony has delayed half of its planned PlayStation Live service games.


    Sony announced that it is acquiring Destiny 2 developer Bungie in January 2022 for $3.6 billion. A week later, at the quarterly financial results briefing, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki revealed that PlayStation planned to launch more than 10 live service games by March 2026, along with Bungie. Supporting the company in the space. In an earnings call today, Totoki said that of its 12 live service games, it will only release six through fiscal 2025, which ends in March 2026, as reported. Video Games Chronicle.

    earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that Bungie is reviewing some of PlayStation’s development offerings, including Naughty Dog’s Last of Us multiplayer project, which is reportedly on ice. The assessment seems to be causing Sony to rethink its approach as the company has delayed at least six live service games.

    “We’re looking into it… we’re doing everything we can to make sure that. [these games] have been enjoyed and loved by gamers for a long time,” Totoki said on the earnings call, according to VGC. “[Of] 12 titles, will be released by six titles [Fiscal Year 2025]. These are our current plans. [As for] The remaining six titles, we are still working on.”

    “That’s the total number of live service and multiplayer titles,” Totoki continued. [and] Mid to long term we want. [push] This type of service and this is the unchanged policy of the company. Not that we stick to certain titles, but the quality of the game should be paramount. [thing]”

    In terms of PlayStation multiplayer offerings, we know it acquired Firewalk Studios in April to develop a AAA multiplayer game, and we also know the next Last of Us game, assuming that It will be released one day, it’s a multiplayer fiction-like project. Rumors point to Guerrilla Games working on some sort of online multiplayer game set in the world of Horizon as well. Also, Bungie is working on Marathon, and while it will be released on PlayStation 5, it’s also coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC.

    Only time will tell which of the six Live Service games PS5 owners will be playing by March 2026, and which have been pushed beyond that.

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    [Source: VideoGamesChronicle]

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