How to perform a finishing move in MW3


    In most multiplayer first-person shooters, you can perform a finishing move animation or execution on an enemy, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is no different. This is how you can make a finisher in MW3.

    How to do a finishing move in Modern Warfare 3

    To perform a finishing move in MW3, stand behind an enemy and hold the melee button. While tapping the melee input allows you to hit the opponent, holding it will trigger a short animation of you executing it. The default keybind for melee is my on PC and on a controller, you need to press the button right stick.

    Keep in mind that your finishing move may stop mid-stream if an enemy shoots at you or your teammates shoot at the operator you’re executing. There are a variety of different styles of finishers that you can unlock through cosmetic packs and battle passes. Each finisher has a varied animation for three different stances the enemy could be in: standing, prone, or down. Executions can be performed in the game just for fun or to complete certain challenges.

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    How to equip a finishing move in Modern Warfare 3

    Every operator in MW3 has a finishing move equipped by default. To change it, go to the Operators menu, hover over a character and you will see the final move tab (see first image). Press the assigned button to open the selection screen (second image) and equip your preferred move.

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