Sons of the Forest Electric Fence Guide



    Sons of the Forest is a game focused on survival in a hostile place full of cannibals and mutant enemies. With Update 08, we can install an electric fence to repel attacks from mutants and cannibals. He was very intrigued by the introduction of electricity in the game and couldn’t wait to see what else would tie in with it. This guide will explain how to install an electric fence to secure your home at Sons of the Forest.

    How to Make an Electric Fence at Sons of the Forest

    To make the most basic electric fence in Sons of the Forest, you will essentially be electrifying a regular stick fence. You will need the following ingredients to build it:

    • Multiple Suits
    • Solar panel
    • multiple cables

    To build an electric fence, follow the instructions below:

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

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    • Support some solar panels near where you want to put your electric fence.
    • Make a stick fence using regular sticks.
      • Place two sticks apart from each other.
      • Add a top and bottom horizontal stick.
      • Repeat the above process until you have a result like the one in the image above.
    • Select a wire from your inventory and hover over a horizontal stick. You should see a white arrow pointing next to the fence described in the image. Left-click to place a wire.
    • Repeat the process until the wire goes through the entire fence you built.
    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Now the part I’ve had the most trouble with. To connect your fence to a solar panel, remove a wire from your inventory and left click on the wooden part below the solar panel. You should see a white line sticking out. Attach the circular part to your electric fence, connecting the two structures together. You should now have a fully functioning electric fence capable of repelling enemies.

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