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    In Call of Duty DMZ, you have to complete various complicated missions, and some of them have urgent objectives. Frogicide is a Tier 4 mission for the new Phalanx faction, and this challenge has a single objective that is exceptionally tricky. Your task is to find three tactical amphibious vehicles and destroy them in 5 seconds. Naturally, you need to know where to find these vehicles and how to complete this mission quickly. Here’s how to complete the Frogicide mission in the DMZ.

    Frogicide mission objectives in DMZ

    After unlocking level 4 missions for Phalanx, you can select the Frogicide mission in DMZ. This faction mission has only one objective, but it can be tricky as you have to destroy three tactical amphibious vehicles almost simultaneously.

    • Destroy three tactical amphibious vehicles in under five seconds

    Completing the Frogicide quest gains +600 faction reputation, +15,000 XP, and an Icarus 556 Contraband.

    Where to find tactical amphibious vehicles in the DMZ

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    Tactical amphibious vehicles are common on the new Vondel map in the DMZ. I recommend queuing up for Vondel solo or with teammates to complete this quest. Check the yellow arrows on the map image above for five common spawn points for Tactical Amphibious Vehicles.

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    After finding the cars, it is best to drive them to a remote location, away from AI fighters and enemy operators. You need to get three tactical amphibious vehicles for this mission, so select an area where you can find other vehicles like the Hummer and Chop Top. In this way, you can fast travel to different points on the map to obtain the three tactical amphibious vehicles.

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    How to destroy three tactical amphibious vehicles in 5 seconds in DMZ

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    Once you’ve assembled all three Tactical Amphibious Vehicles, you want to line up the cars next to each other as shown in the image above. I recommend doing it in a place near the buy station. You can use a Mortar Strike or Precision Airstrike to destroy all three vehicles together. Buy one of these two killstreaks at the buy station.

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    With the killstreaks equipped, find a vantage point and target the three Amphibious Tactical Vehicles as shown in the image above. Use Precision Airstrike or Mortar Strike to destroy all three cars simultaneously. This will complete the Frogicide mission in the Call of Duty DMZ.

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