Sons of the Forest Building and Crafting Guide


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    Sons of the Forest depends a lot on crafting. Crafting recipes are revealed as players find materials and blueprints, making the recipes a little difficult to learn. To craft, you must combine items in your inventory to create tools and weapons. To build, you have 2 options: you can add the plans or build freely. We created this guide to show you all the crafting recipes in Sons of the Forest.

    Complete Crafting and Building Guide for Sons of the Forest

    All crafting recipes in Sons of the Forest


    • 1x stick
    • 1x cloth
      • One touch that can be lit with the included lighter.

    stone arrow

    • 4x small stone
    • 2x stick
    • 2x pen

    repair tool

    • 1x stick
    • 1x rope
    • 1x stone
      • A tool that repairs player builds.


    • 1x vodka bottle
    • 1x cloth
      • Throwable fire projectile.

    blade armor

    • 10x sheets
    • 1x cloth
      • Low protection defensive armor.

    Hide armor

    • 2x Hide
    • 1x cloth
      • Medium protection defensive armor.

    bone armor

    • 4x Bone
    • 1x rope
    • 1x adhesive tape
      • Medium protection defensive armor.

    Technological armor

    • 1x technological mesh
    • 1x cable
    • 1x circuit board
    • 1x adhesive tape
    • 1x batteries
      • High protection defensive armor.

    health mix

    • 1x yarrow
    • 1xAloe Vera
      • Consumable that restores small amounts of health.

    Health+ Blend

    • 1xAloe Vera
    • 1x ponytail
    • 1x fireweed
      • Consumable that restores large amounts of health.

    Crafted spear

    • 2x stick
    • 1x utility knife
    • 1x adhesive tape
      • A long-range weapon that can be thrown.

    handmade club

    • 1x stick
    • 1x rope
    • 1x skull
      • Short-range blunt weapon.

    handmade bow

    • 2x stick
    • 1x rope
    • 1x adhesive tape
      • Ranged weapon that uses stone arrows as ammunition.

    Canned food

    • 1x unopened canned food
    • 1x can opener

    Cat food

    • 1x unopened cat food
    • 1x can opener
      • Not the most appetizing food source.


    • 1x chainsaw
    • 1x battery
      • New batteries in your chainsaw


    • 1x flashlight
    • 1x battery
      • New batteries in your flashlight.

    Time bomb

    • 1x C4 brick
    • 1x watch
    • 1x cable
    • 1x adhesive tape
    • 5x coins
    • 1x circuit board

    How to craft in Sons of the Forest

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    To start crafting in Sons of the Forest, you will need:

    • Press I to open the inventory.
    • Select the objects you want to create by pressing the right button.
    • Press and right click on the gear icon.

    Not all used items will be consumed; When you sharpen weapons with the knife, the item will return to your inventory.

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    All building recipes in Sons of the Forest

    Large tent

    Basic Fire

    • Break 1 stick and set it on fire.

    reinforced fire

    • Basic fire with rocks around it.

    standing fire

    • Several sticks wrapped in cloth.

    skull lamp

    • 1x stick
    • 1x cloth
    • 1x skull.


    • Cut wooden logs with an axe.

    stick structures

    • Place a stick on the ground and add a skull.

    Reinforced stick structure

    • Normal stick structure with rocks around.


    • Two vertical and horizontal sticks next to each other.


    • Place logs on the ground in a square and add more logs inside.


    • Make a wall leaving space in the middle to place the logs vertically.


    • Delete logs on the wall to create a window.

    one step

    • Build a floor and a board next to it.

    Stairs and ramps

    • Place two logs vertically on the ground, place two more logs in an inclined position, and use boards to make steps.

    Basic Electricity

    • Place a solar panel on the ramp, connect the cable to an overhead beam, and hang a light bulb on the end.

    Small animal trap

    hunting lodge

    • 5x logs
    • 6x sticks
    • 7x rocks

    Small wooden cabin

    Tree shelter 1

    Tree Shelter 2

    Tree platform 1

    tree platform 2

    lean towards

    Vigilance tower

    Bone Making Traps

    • 2x sticks
    • 3x rocks
    • 3x sheets
    • 1x rope
    • 1x vodka bottle

    fly trap

    • 10x sticks
    • 3x rocks
    • 1x rope

    spring trap

    • 1x tortoise shell
    • 7x sticks
    • 2 wires

    standing planter

    wall planter

    rain collector

    • x12 sticks
    • x1 turtle shell

    stone fireplace

    bird house


    rain collector

    • 16x sticks
    • 1x tortoise shell

    rock path

    • Place stones on the ground.

    Path of the stick

    • Place sticks on the ground.


    wall shelf

    Head Trophy Holder

    Clothes line

    armor rack

    Log storage

    Bone storage

    Club storage

    Rock storage

    stone storage



    wall torch

    Skull ceiling lamp

    bone chair

    bone spider

    stick chair

    stick bed

    Basic log sled

    Advanced log sled

    • 60x sticks
    • 3x planks
    • 2x skulls
    • 2x cloths
    • 3x rope

    solafite enhancer

    • 11x sticks
    • 4x batteries
    • 7x rocks
    • 3x cables
    • 3x turtle shells


    • 1x plank
    • 2x cables
    • 9x bulbs

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    How to build in Children of the Forest

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    Building in Sons of the Forest has two modes available, one very similar to the previous game and another more free. The first is simpler and more direct. All you need to do is open the Guide by pressing B and holding X to switch modes. Once you have selected the desired building piece, you can rotate it with Q and R, cancel it with R, or place it with a left click. In some buildings it may seem like the logs should be cut in half, but it is not necessary.

    How to build for free in Sons of the Forest

    The second mode available in Sons of the Forest allows players to build without blueprints. Construction is done by placing objects from your hands in the correct place; A diagram will appear on the ground. In the Guide, pressing B will give you a step-by-step guide to all the recipes available in the game.

    An example of this form of construction:

    • Place a log on the ground.
    • Place a second log at the end of the first at a 90-degree angle.
    • Repeat until you have an empty square.
    • Cut the logs in half lengthwise to obtain wooden planks.
    • Place the wooden planks in the empty space.

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