What is the turtle shell used for in Sons of the Forest?


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    In Sons of the Forest, there are many animals around the map. You can hunt them to gather food or observe them in their glory. The animals included in the game are deer, ducks, rabbits, salmon, sharks and beautiful turtles. Each one has their purpose in the game and is a great addition to the realism of the game. Most animals have a purpose, so what is the turtle shell used for in Sons of the Forest?

    Can you use the turtle shell in Sons of the Forest?

    You can use the turtle shell to make a rain catcher in Sons of the Forest. Having a rain catcher in an area you frequent or at your base can be beneficial as it will reduce the time you would spend searching for water sources to drink fresh water or refill your water bottle. Rain Catchers take a long time to fill, so build a couple of them to get the maximum amount of water you can collect. You need 16 sticks and a single turtle shell to build a rain catcher.

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    Update 12 introduced a weapon upgrade system. Players can upgrade their weapons, allowing them to do more damage and giving them a golden hue in the process. To upgrade your weapon, you must create a Solafite Upgrader, which looks like a smelting furnace. To create the Upgrader, you will need to find three turtle shells, among other resources, which is currently not easy to find. When creating Solafite Upgrader, be very careful; The moment you complete the furnace, a wave of enemy mutants will immediately rush to your position.

    Will the turtle shell have any use in Sons of the Forest?

    The other use of the Turtle Shell in the original game, The Forest, was to use it as a sled. It was a lot of fun because you could build roller coasters and use Shell as a cart. Unfortunately, this is not possible in Sons of the Forest because there is a new item called Sleigh. You can create it with a 3D printer using 1000 printer resin, making it the most expensive 3D printer item. Using the sled to go down a hill will significantly increase your speed and you will have fun too.

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