How to Avoid Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Game-Breaking Bug


    The long-running Pokemon franchise loves a good bug, and no, we don’t mean Weddle. Going back to the days of MissingNo in Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon games have a long history of glitches and bugs. However, these are not all helpful ways to get unlimited Master Balls.

    Pokemon Scarlet & Violet might be the biggest Pokemon outing to date, but that also means it has the most glitches. We all remember the hilarious bugs of giant heads and nightmarish NPCs, but now, a new update has introduced the game-breaking Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bug.

    How will you survive the game-breaking Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Bugs?

    GameFreak released patch 2.0.1 with The Teal Mask DLC on September 13th. Unfortunately, it also introduced a game-breaking bug that is stopping your game during the final battle. Thankfully, after figuring out what caused the bug, they also came up with a way around it.

    Simply, the game-breaking Scarlet & Violet bug comes when you register your Legendary Paradox Pokemon native to your game, then try to switch the Pokemon in four to six slots to battle. Twitter user @mattyoukhana_ saw how the glitch ruins your fight against the Paradise Protection Protocol.

    If you registered Koraidon (Scarlet) or Miraidon (Violet) in your Pokedex before the battle, moving your cursor to the fourth, fifth or sixth Pokemon will cause the game to crash. You will not be able to go down to your ride in the seventh slot.

    According to the OP, you can avoid stopping your last pokemon battle by pressing up from the first pokemon to teach the bottom ride. Alternatively, go into battle with a team of three. Until the bug is patched, this seems to be the only way around it.

    Nintendo promises to do better with future Pokémon games.

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    After a launch that was more spectacular than Graveller’s, Nintendo has vowed to do better with future releases. Takato Utsunomiya, COO of The Pokemon Company Promised to address complaints that the franchise was going for quantity over quality.

    While Scarlet & Violet’s release was nowhere near the unveiling of Cyberpunk 2077, it led to some of the worst reviews in the series’ history. Thanks to The Teal Mask DLC there has been a renewed interest in the title, with the Indigo Disc just over the horizon. Still, bugs and bug Pokemon go hand in hand with Pokemon.


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