Slowpoke in Japan: an ice park for Pokemon is now in the park



    Since the start of the first Generation of Game Freaks, Slowpoke’s vacant and unceremonial look has caused the huge demand from trainers. The new Pocket Monster aims to build an empire!

    Known as yadon, this cute creature is in fact the protagonist of a strange initiative. Kagawa prefecture in Shikoku announced plans to build a special public park in which it was built for Slowpoke. But how does this weird idea come about?

    Well, the Japanese prefecture and the Pokemon have a really good relationship. All of that went from telepathical similarity between the words Yadon and Udon to a typical dish from Kagawa. According to his culinary history, Udon Prefecture is also known for its reputation. All this led into the organization of a nice April Fools Day, in which the prefecture named Slowpoke and Yudon as its governor. The idea was born as a joke but conquered the inhabitants and gave way to a series of themes, including public transport in response to Slowpoke and, now, a public park in honour of the artist. According to the prefecture program, this structure should open its doors between March and April 2023, just in time to host vacationers during Golden Week. Here, you can take a look at a plan of what should be the final result of this project: The park will be made in Ayagawa with at least six activities and inspired by one of the most popular Pokemon names. Who do you think of this unusual Pokemon themed project? If you’re tired, you’ll find a gentle walk.



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