Skibidi Tower Defense Values ​​List


    If you are a beginner in Skibidi Tower Defense and looking to sell or buy units, I have prepared a complete list of Skibidi Tower Defense values. This list will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and get the most out of your trading.

    Skibidi Tower Defense Values ​​List – All Units

    You can find the list of all units in Skibidi Tower Defense and their average value below.

    Unit Price Demand Guy
    Gem Titan Cameraman 1 million very very high Exclusive
    Gem Cameraman 80K Very high Exclusive
    DaBoom 50K High Exclusive
    The last drilling titan 75K Very high Exclusive
    bemmy blox 95K Very high Exclusive
    Sniper 40K High Exclusive
    television woman 25K High Exclusive
    Jetpack spokesperson 10K Half Exclusive
    Great Spotman Lightman 10K Half Exclusive
    plunger cameraman 10K Half Exclusive
    spider man television 15K High Exclusive
    Mace’s Cameraman Courage 15K High Exclusive
    Woman’s watch 500 Low Legendary
    bazooka man 150 Low Legendary
    Fireworks bazooka man 2K Low Legendary
    acid gunner 100 Low Legendary
    DJ man 500 Low Legendary
    spider camera 100 Low Legendary
    Helicopter with camera 150 Low Legendary
    Dark speaker man 200 Low Legendary
    Scientific cameraman 1K Low Legendary
    Woman speaker 100 Low Legendary
    big tv man 300 Low Legendary
    Flamethrower 1K Low Legendary
    The Last Man of Television Titan 100K Very high Pious
    Secret Agent 1.2 million very very high Pious
    Titan computer man 280K Very high Pious
    Titan Watchmaker 220K Very high Pious
    Improved Titan Cameraman 200K Very high Pious
    golden cameraman 7K Half mythical
    Titan Cameraman 30K High mythical
    Titan Spokesperson 35K High mythical
    Titan TV Man 65K Very high mythical
    Reaper Titan 58K Very high mythical
    ice tower 35K High mythical
    Titan Rocket Man 90K Very high mythical
    Titan Drill 30K High mythical
    Cameraman fails 18K High mythical
    Large laser cameraman 30K High mythical

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    What is a value/price list in Skibidi Tower Defense?

    A value or price list is a table containing the average price values ​​of all tradable items in the game. I have accumulated all of these values ​​by talking to various players, veteran traders and other analysts. Use the List of Values ​​as a reference while trading with other players in the game. It’s not a definitive authority, but it can help you find your place during the initial stages of the game.

    How does a Skibidi Tower Defense stock list work?

    Like a real market, the Skibidi Tower Defense value list works based on the rarity of the items. For example, an Ultimate Titan Drillman is expensive compared to an Acid Gunner due to its rarity. Therefore, the rarer an item is, the more influence it can have during an operation.

    What is Roblox Skibidi tower defense?

    Skibidi Tower Defense is a TD game whose main objective is to strategically place your units in a layout and prevent any incoming forces from entering your series. The web series Skibidi Toilet, created by famous YouTuber Alexey Gerasimov, inspired all the heroes, enemy units, and maps in the game. If you love tower defense games like All-Star Tower Defense, Toilet Tower Defense, and Tower Defense Simulator on Roblox, you should play it.

    For more information on Roblox Toilet Tower Defense, see here Toilet Tower Defense Value List and How to Get Titan TV Man in Toilet Tower Defense in Pro Gaming Guides.

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