Dave the Diver hits PlayStation next week.


    Last year’s popular Dave the Diver is coming to PlayStation next week on April 16th. The scuba diving exploration/restaurant simulator has also been enhanced with a few special perks from Sony.

    Dave the Diver is also coming to PS4, but a new trailer shows off the PS5 version’s DualSense-specific features. It involves using the controller’s haptic feedback to “feel the movement of the deep ocean.” Adaptive triggers add a kick to firing Dave’s speargun and a vibrating tension on the harpoon gun. Sound effects, such as phone call ringtones, are emitted through the controller speakers.

    Dave the Diver stars the titular diver as he explores the underwater environment to find and capture various marine species. After fishing, players then use those ingredients to run a growing sushi restaurant.

    As editor-in-chief Matt Miller wrote in his 8.75 out of 10 review, “You might question whether a sushi restaurant management sim crossed with underwater diving is your cup of tea, but It won’t help. Dave the Diver is a unique and memorable vacation away from expectations, and it’s the fact that you don’t usually play games like this that make it so satisfying.”

    Dave the Diver is already available on Switch and PC, and has a Godzilla-themed crossover coming in May.


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