Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble: Sega Unveils New 4-Player Co-Op Adventure Mode With Gameplay Trailer


    Sega has released a new gameplay trailer for the adventure mode in the upcoming Switch-exclusive Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble. In it, we get the gameplay of an up-to-four player mode with 200 stages set across different worlds, and it looks like a blast.

    With both local and online four-player support, Adventure Mode will be available on day one when Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble launches on Switch on June 25. Optional support features, such as Rewind and Ghost Guide, allow players to customize how their monkeys behave. Plays ball experience.

    Check out the new Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble: Adventure gameplay for yourself in the trailer below:

    “While visiting a tropical island, AiAi and the gang meet a girl named Palete, who goes on an adventure in search of the legendary banana,” reads a press release. “They agree to join him on a journey through wondrous worlds to collect the special parts that are the key to localizing this precious artifact. Along the way, they meet new friends and mysterious rivals. will face.”

    Adventure mode features 200 new stages set in different worlds, such as Banana Farm, Rose Garden, Floating City, Golden Temple, and Stone Valley. Each Super Monkey Ball brings its own unique twist and challenge to the Banana Rumble experience.

    In Adventure Mode, players can use the rewind feature to rewind to a previous point in a stage and retry a particularly challenging section. The Ghost Guide option adds a transparent monkey to the player that shows how to proceed, while the Route Guide will point you in the right direction if you’re not sure where to go. Also, you can restart at any checkpoint within a stage at any time.

    Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble hits the Switch on June 25.

    For more, check out the Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble reveal trailer.

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