Skeletal Rex Matriarch: Take on a brand new enemy in RuneScape’s latest update with Osseous.

    • RuneScape for desktop and mobile sees a new boss alongside the Skeletal Rex Matriarch: Osseous
    • This cruel skeleton is vulnerable to Necromantic magic.
    • The challenge will give you some great new rewards and more to enjoy.

    As far as enemies go in RuneScape Mobile, they run the gamut from typical fantasy fare to the more imaginative and weird. And now we’ve got a brand new boss for you, be it desktop or mobile, as Skeletal Rex Matriarch: Osseous, infects the game.

    Described as a mid-level boss who lives in the land of Anachronia, Ossius is vulnerable to Necromantic magic and players need to take advantage of this dark art if they want to stand a chance of defeating him. Will be.

    But the rewards will be as great as the challenges. You’ll be able to get a Necromancy combat ring to boost your Necrotic stacks, a new boss pet, a new title and three baby dino pet keys to boot.

    Jurassic Slash

    Besides the obvious appeal in duking it out with a giant skeletal T-Rex, we got some laughs from the obvious jokes. The obvious, like Anachronia being named after an ‘anachronism’ or Osseous itself being a T-rex, but did you know that ‘Osseous’ is also a reference to the process of bone growth?

    And who said video games can’t teach you anything? Osseous is arriving in RuneScape Mobile today, so pack your best Necromancy spells, swords, shields and take on this Jurassic terror!

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