Tiny Tiny Trains introduces Chapter 6 Update with Tree House.

    • Train-based puzzle game Teeny Tiny Trains gets a brand new content update.
    • A new background, new tiles and more await.
    • Tiny Trains is an intuitive, small-scale puzzle game from Short Circuit Studios

    Train-based puzzle game Teeny Tiny Trains is set to introduce more content with its latest patch, Update 6: Treehouse. Like the other levels in the game, this new set of levels takes you to the backdrop of another familiar childhood location, the Tree House.

    In the Treehouse update, you’ll be able to explore new levels, an expanded community area, add a new train to your arsenal (as it is), and more importantly, new mechanics. Check the With new accelerator and decelerator tiles, you’ll be able to create more complex tracks and solve puzzles than ever before.

    Naturally, there’s also the addition of 5 new achievements for Railmasters and new Trackmaster challenges.

    Chow Chow

    Despite some awkward controls, Short Circuit Studios’ Tiny Tiny Trains is a charming puzzle game that takes you back to the carefree days of childhood and building model train tracks to run your engines. This latest update promises to change the previously fairly static means of solving puzzles, allowing you to speed up and slow down trains where they previously traveled at the same speed.

    We also think that the inclusion of a new background, while not significant, adds to the charming, nostalgic atmosphere of the main game. You can check out Tiny Tiny Trains on Google Play and the iOS App Store now!

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