Should you push the buttons in the Fusion Chamber in Crisis Core?



    As the Shinra building is under attack, you are tasked with protecting Hojo, the scientist who is likely to be the target of the attack. Upon entering Hojo’s lab, you will find several machines with buttons on them. Interacting with these gives you the option to press the buttons, but you may be wondering if you should press the buttons and what they will do in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

    Should you touch the machines in Hojo’s lab in FF7 Crisis Core?

    Yes, you have to interact with Hojo’s machines in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. Each one will provide a different minigame or event, allowing you to get various rewards. Here are all the effects of the machines, starting with the one closest to the elevator, in Hojo’s lab in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

    All machines in Hojo’s Lab minigames in FF7 Crisis Core

    • west computer – Test of Experimental Matter
      • Fight battles with Cura, Proto Spellblade, HP Turbo, MP Turbo, and AP Turbo Materia. You don’t need to defeat the enemies and you can lose. Your HP, MP, and AP will be fully restored after the minigame.
    • mainframe computer – Mako Recovery Prototype
      • Count down from five to zero and try to press the button at zero. Doing so will reward you with 100 SP, with smaller amounts being awarded if you’re near zero and not directly on it. If you don’t press the button or if you press it too late, you will lose 50 SP.

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    • east computer – Fight experimental monsters
      • You will open the doors of several cells on the 67th floor of the Shinra building. Hojo asks you to defeat them. Each monster will drop a key, which you can use to open the cells and claim the chests within. There is a time limit for this test.
    • center tube – SOLDIER Quiz/Improve
      • You will answer several questions for Hojo. Depending on the answers you give, you will earn SP. There are no wrong answers, but some are better than others.

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