Wo Chien’s best moves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


    Unfortunately, it seems that Wo Chien is being considered the worst of the ruin Pokémon. Given the pious stats of the others… that’s probably true. However, that doesn’t mean Wo Chien can’t be valuable in its own right. This Pokemon can be a great source of damage and a sponge for just about any special attack, as long as it’s not Bug Buzz.

    The best setup for Wo Chien in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    • leech seed
    • To protect
    • giga drain
    • Ruin

    Wo Chien is not the type of wall that will stay there for an entire match. Rather, it knocks the enemy down with Ruination while healing with Leech Seed and Protect. Ruination is a great tool against Pokemon like Garganacl or Dondozo that have huge HP reserves.

    Due to the lack of a recovery move, Giga Drain can do well for Wo Chien by keeping it healthy. However, this slot can easily be replaced by Knock Off. Sometimes it’s more worth removing a few Sturdy Boot Scraps than it is to give Wo Chien some health.

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    What are the best Wo Chien counters?

    Frankly, any sweeper with u-turn counters against Wo Chien. Examples would be Dragapult, Meowscarada, and some variants of Roaring Moon. The reason for this is that U-turn threatens to KO Wo Chien every time. Therefore, the opponent stays inside and dies, or switches, in which case the U-turner can switch to a favorable matchup.

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