Get The Rocks Black Adam in MultiVersus, before the first DCU reboot retconned


    Black Adam was added to the fight game MultiVersus in November shortly after the release of the Black Adam movie. The character was well-received and fans asked for a little more insight into the impact of the movie on the sound of the movie. Speculation increased when a developer, Player First, released an icon on which Black Adam was flying from the sky on his face close to the camera. He referenced a scene in the film. His adding to the game would make sense given that the movies release won’t go on the right course as there wasn’t even a word on when or if the skin would just be over. It seemed more risky given the movie failed at the box office and received poorly to mediocre reviews.

    As the movie crashed, The Rocks Black Adam skin was added to the game as The Man in Black on December 13th. The Rocks Black Adam is finally a part of anything that is profitable.

    This legendary hairdress for Black Adam was released as well as Festiversus, a winter-themed event where players can get holiday skins for characters like Batman, Superman, Anya Stark, and more. In the latest update, a new map, the Throne Room from Game of Thrones.

    The Man in Black is worth an estimated 2,000 Gleamium. Gleamium can be bought only with real money and in 2,200 it costs 16,99 dollars. The glimmer cost is much less than traditional holiday products. So you can get more buck-winns by purchasing the exclusive holiday skins. If you like the African kings of the Caribbean and liked the Black Adam film, then this skin would probably be worth the asking price.


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