Seagate purchases Maxtor for 1,9 milliard dollars (PCGH-Retro, 21. December 2018)



    I am about to buy Maxtor for twelve years. Every day, computer games takes a look at the computer’s history without a lot of thought.

    2005: It’s the second one in time: On December 21st 2005, Seagate announced that it’s taking over a smaller competitor, Maxtor. It is a stock swap worth 1,9mb. The partners hope to save 300 million dollars annually due to synergy effects, but with some exception, Seagate’s first competitor will turn down one of the few remaining competitors, and thus give it a better share. The well-known name Maxtor will be retained for the beginning with most of the products, but unlike other models under this label, the Diamondmax 10 remains the oldest standard of development for Maxtors. Maxtor himself took over Quantum five years earlier, while Seagate incorporated Conner. The hard disk market isn’t consolidated. That’s an important piece of 3.5-inch drive, but Western Digital, Hitachi and Samsung are not only present in the market, but also Seagate and Samsung are the next step.

    additional information Seagate presents latest SSD-series Seagate introduces first SATA-3 hard drive.



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