How to start the new exotic quest in Destiny 2 for Revision Zero



    Season of the Seraph features several exotic draws, such as the Manticore SMG that suspends you in the air while you fire. With the advent of the Operation Seraph’s Shield quest, you can now get your hands on the Exotic Pulse Rifle that will make fighting champions a walk in the park. Revision Zero is a weapon that makes history, as it will have multiple catalysts to choose from. Here’s how to start the new exotic quest in Destiny 2, which will grant you Zero Review.

    How do you start the Zero Review quest in Destiny 2?

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    The Zero Review quest is titled The Hidden Shape and can only be unlocked after you have completed several steps in the More Than a Weapon quest. Once you talk to Clovis Bray through the Exo Chassis in the HELM, you need to unlock a seraph chest in the Heist: Battlegrounds activity, which can also be launched via the HELM target.

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    After this errand, activate the holoprojector in HELM and talk to Elsie Bray. She informs him that she now has access to the Seraph Station, which contains the Revision Zero Exotic. Exit out of this dialog and you should see The Hidden Shape in the Quests tab. Now, you must launch Operation Seraphs shield mission from the HELM destination on your map. You’ll have the option of completing this mission on Normal and Legend difficulty, and while both routes remove the Zero Review, Legend difficulty allows you to upgrade the Exotic weapon.

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