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    Stealth missions in Sand Land are a completely different type of beast. The first one you complete is not too difficult and you can enjoy several of the mechanics that stealth mode brings to this action RPG. However, as the game progresses, the stealth missions become more complex and include new items that you may not have encountered in the previous mission.

    How to use stealth mode in Sand Land

    When you start a stealth mission, or you want to go into stealth mode for fun, you can choose to enter stealth mode by pressing B on your keyboard either L2/LT on your controller. You don’t have to be on a stealth mission to employ stealth tactics. You can be as sneaky or loud as you want in quiet areas without attracting unwanted attention.

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    The best way to use this stealth mode is to hide behind objects and stay out of sight. Stealth mode in Sand Land is essentially a crouch skill; although it is less bending over and more leaning a little to lower your head.

    You first learn about stealth while playing Thief and stealing water and food from the first village you reach after leaving Demon Village. While running around in a Santa costume is certainly fun, that stealth mission gives you a good idea of ​​how the stealth mechanics work in Sand Land.

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    How to sneak past enemies in Sand Land

    While using stealth mode during missions in Sand Land, you will notice that your enemies have an alert indicator above their heads in the shape of an inverted triangle. This is white when they have no idea you are there (they have their back to you, they are facing you or they are walking away), yellow when you are a little more visible (they are facing you but far enough away that you can get away with it). yours), or red (you can and will be discovered).

    Another indicator used is the question mark symbol. If this appears, a nearby enemy has started to notice you. The longer you stay in its line of sight, the more color will fill the question mark until it fills and changes to an exclamation point.

    You are in trouble if this happens.

    But in reality you are not. Because Sand Land’s stealth mechanics are very simple and the game is very forgiving. Instead of being attacked, you will simply disappear and return to your last checkpoint.

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    How to prevent enemies from seeing you in stealth mode

    To avoid being seen by enemies in Sand Land, you will need to use a variety of stealth techniques. This includes using stealth mode to duck behind objects and crawl around corners, dive under fences and tent tarps with a gap, and crawl through cargo boxes.

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    You can also quickly run between hiding places if the distance is short enough. Use the ladders and cables you see to move around an area using the rooftops instead of the ground. Stealth missions will allow you to use a combination of all of these techniques to complete the mission without getting caught.

    Kill enemies in stealth mode

    The other major stealth kill that the game teaches you is the stealth kill. It’s actually a little strange, because you have to exit stealth mode right behind your target and then press the key or button that kills them. On PC, this is the F key and is the Triangle or Y button for a controller.

    By pressing this key or button, Beezlebub will jump to a straddle position and the enemy will scream with a face of horror and fall. Whether he really kills them or not…he couldn’t tell. I have no idea what’s going on there and I’m not sure I want to know.

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    That’s all there is to stealth mode in Sand Land. Enjoy… scaring people to death? I don’t know.

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