How to level up fast in Sand Land


    Leveling up is an important part of any game, role-playing or otherwise. In Sand Land, you need to upgrade Beelzebub’s abilities and those of your allies, so it’s crucial that you spend some time farming some XP to get your team to a good place. Here’s how to level up quickly in Sand Land.

    Best Ways to Level Up Quickly in Sand Land

    You won’t need to spend hours grinding to level up in Sand Land; This story-driven RPG has great balance! When you level up in Sand Land, you gain access to a host of special abilities that you can add to your battle strategy. Some of the special abilities Beelzebub has include upgrades to his Power of Darkness ability, an ability that extends the effects of elements, and an ability that allows him to evade enemies even while jumping.

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    If you don’t get XP and head to the Characters tab in the menu to learn the available skills, you won’t get any of the benefits. Rao and Thief have excellent active and passive abilities that can help you in a fight, and it would be a shame not to use them.

    Fight against everything

    No matter what it is, if you can fight it, fight it. From birds of prey and scorpions to boss fights, memorize those keyboard/mouse and controller combinations to eliminate your enemy!

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    Due to the small amount of XP you gain from fighting enemies in the wasteland, I recommend not putting effort into hunting them. Simply, if you encounter them, shoot them with your tank’s gun. Simple.

    Take a reward or three

    Most settlements in Sand Land will have a hunter that you can talk to. Have a nice chat with this guy and accept any reward that seems fun to you. The reward list includes the levels of each enemy, so you don’t end up digging a hole.

    What’s more, and although it is not necessary to do them, I suggest you do all the secondary missions. You’ll get less XP than the main story quests (up to 300 XP) because the side quests are supposed to take less time. But there’s nothing wrong with collecting the ones you find and completing them along the way or when you want to level up a little more before your next big main quest.

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    Don’t avoid the caves

    Caves are not as scary as they seem. There may be an enemy inside, but a good number of them are filled with crafting materials and other in-game items. If there is a scorpion or cave cobra, just give it a one or two and move on. It’s the enemies that will give you XP here.

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    Run towards the ruins

    Like much of the content in this action game, the ruins are optional. They act as a dungeon-like feature that players can explore, giving them more items to find and enemies to defeat. You’ll be able to find rare materials and earn more XP simply by completing more parts of the game.

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